Viral video: Bride and groom set themselves on fire in wedding exit stunt, wow wedding guests

Professional stunt doubles Gabe Jessop and Ambyr Bambyr set themselves on fire for their wedding reception exit stunt. 

A newlywed couple made a dramatic exit from their wedding reception, staging an outrageous stunt which involved deliberately setting themselves on fire.

Professional stunt doubles Gabe Jessop and Ambyr Bambyr met each other while working as stunt people on the set of Hollywood films.

A video of their wedding reception stunt which was posted on TikTok by DJ and wedding photographer Russ Powell has gone viral.

Warning: The bride and groom are trained professionals and took necessary precautions. Don't try this at home!

The video is captioned "when stunt people marry". In the video, Ambyr is seen brandishing a flaming bouquet of flowers that quickly spread over the back of the bride and groom, after which they walked on, waving to the guests who can be heard cheering.

The newlyweds remained calm throughout the stunt and eventually reached a point where they both kneel to the ground, allowing two men with fire extinguishers to put the flames out.

Powell said, "These are trained professionals, don't try this at home." People were concerned about Ambyr's hair catching fire. To this, Powell explained that "they both had anti-burn gel in their hair and face, then she had a wig on top."

The video has been viewed over 13 million times on TikTok. Here's how netizens reacted to the stunt:

"Their kids are gonna grow up and realise that their parents are cooler than them. "Well- that is one unique wedding, talk about made for each other."

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