What to watch this weekend: Viking epic 'The Northman'?

If you want to see the Viking version of 'Gladiator': 'The Northman'

Director Robert Eggers ("The Witch," "The Lighthouse") doesn't make bad movies and this one is his most accessible to date, 

with a very ripped Skarsgård starring as a Viking berserker who was supposed to rule an island kingdom but now is out for vengeance on the uncle (Claes Bang) who killed his father (Ethan Hawke).

The violent epic navigates familiar narrative territory but is exquisitely crafted and absolutely nuts, with dark fantasy elements,

buckets of blood, twisty betrayals, naked sword fighting and a low-key fabulous turn by Nicole Kidman as Skarsgård's onscreen mom.

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If you love all things Nic Cage: 'The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent'

Cage plays eccentric movie star "Nick Cage," who's had it with acting when he gets embroiled in a political kidnapping plot and

works undercover for the feds in Spain by getting close to a Cage fanboy (a standout Pascal) they think is an international arms dealer.

It's more conventional than it sounds on paper (though Cage does make out with his "Wild at Heart"-era self) but

it's an entertaining romp that works best when Cage and Pascal's characters get to know each other and watch "Paddington 2" together for a bromance to remember.

Where to watch You can watch this movie in theater