When Lil Uzi Vert Paid  $90,000 For A Random Fans' Tuition

Let's Find Out

Why did one of the hottest rappers in the world pay a random student's college tuition

Hey Look! A Cobra Pearl

Fans know him for the bangers and the stunts, yeah that's UZI with a $20 Million diamond implanted in his frontal lobe.

Where It All Began

Not all his purchases have been that flashy. Back in 2019, UZI was back in his Hometown of Philly And decided to  hit the mall

He Had Some Plans

A local college student named Raheel Ahmad was shopping with his family when he realized Uzi was next door

Huge Fan Had To Meet UZI

Better yet Raheel had an idea "I might as well ask him if he can pay for my college tuition and see where it gets me"

Then This Happened

He did what he planned, and Uzi talked to him for maybe 30 seconds and decided to put him on scholarship

Now I know What You're Thinking

This dude better have graduated! Raheel followed through And graduated from Temple last year

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