Why the creator of Wordle recommends another word game, Knotwords

In search for more alternatives to Wordle? Who better to trust than the creator of the popular word game.

Wordle's creator Josh Wardle recently tweeted his praise of Knotwords, a mobile game for Android and iOS devices, which offers a twist on crossword puzzles.

"It is an incredibly elegant daily word game," wrote Wardle. "What impresses me most is that, despite its deceptively simple appearance, it has clearly been built with a great deal of thought and care."

Wordle became a daily staple in many players' live in January, when it surged in popularity, partly due to its ability to share puzzle progress through social media. 

The game's success not only lead to an eventual buyout by The New York Times, but the rise in multiple spinoffs.

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How do you play Knotwords? Knotwords, available for Android and iOS devices, is similar to a crossword puzzle, only featuring smaller anagrams.

The puzzle itself features a variety of blocks that look like a crossword puzzle, but they're split into sections. At the corner of each section is a tiny list of letters that can only be used in that section. Once you form all the right words within the puzzle, you win. 

Games like Wordle Wordle lovers may also want to try  Worldle, a geography-themed version where players must guess the correct country, and Quordle, which presents four Wordle-style puzzles simultaneously players must solve at the same time.

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