Will Smith net worth: How big is the fortune of the Oscar winner for Best Actor?

The Philadelphia actor's friendly personality has allowed him to become one of the most profitable movie stars and therefore a magnet for dollars,

since his appearance in productions provides a certain seal of guarantee to the producers who use his services.

Smith has also dedicated himself to music production and has achieved several platinum albums that have also boosted the careers of his children, Willow and Jaden Smith.

Open to music production

As a result of his hard work in more than three decades of show business and his real estate investments, Will Smith has an estimated net worth of $350 million.

Will and his wife Jada own about 10 properties in the United States which they have been able to increase their value.

In 1999, the two spent $7.5 million to acquire an impressive 100-acre property in the hills between Malibu and Calabasas, California.

Subsequently, they acquired more land and after building a mansion, they were able to add value to this project, which is currently valued at close to $50 million.

Careful with his taxes

However, Smith is also characterized for being quite generous and recurrently contributes to certain noble causes as was the case of the 

$900,000 donation made a couple of years ago to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Lupus Foundation and the Baltimore School of the Arts.

Life has taught the Hollywood actor to be disciplined with his finances after the unpleasant experience he had towards the end of 1990 when,

after earning $10 million and spending the vast majority of that amount, he received notice that he had failed to pay $2.8 million in taxes and had to catch up.

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