Workers hope returning to the office will help their sex lives: survey

More than a third of single white-collar workers think returning to the office will help their sex lives, according to a new survey.

“Sex can happen,” one single and ready to mingle employee of NBCUniversal wrote in response to the survey. “Few jobs require people after 8.”

A Bank of America employee, meanwhile, gushed that returning to work will help them get lucky because “I will actually have a reason to meet people in real life.”

While 35% of available office workers think in-person work will help their sex lives, 49% said it won’t make a difference. Just 16% believe it will make their sex lives worse

A whopping 50% of singles at Capital One, Cisco, NVIDIA and Salesforce said returning to in-person work would help them get lucky, while 40% at Amazon and T-Mobile said the same.

Meanwhile, at Uber — which has tried to clean up its culture in recent years after enduring a string of sexual harassment scandals — just 16% of singles said in-person work would help their sex lives, compared to 32% who said it would hurt.

One single “Googler” wrote that in-person work won’t affect their sex life because they’re already “getting laid.”

Out of workers who are in relationships, 57% said in-person work will have no effect on their sex lives, while 18% said it would help and 25% said it would hurt.

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