World War 3: the safest countries to seek refuge if the worst were to happen

Have you ever wondered what you would do if World War III broke out? Where would be the safest place to be? Current events certainly bring these thoughts to mind. 

A study by the Global Peace Index in 2021 based on geostrategic and geopolitical criteria offers us a revealing list.

#05 Slovenia: the quiet ex-Yugoslavia

This is supposedly another peaceful country (although it suffered the first Balkan civil war when Yugoslavia disintegrated).

#04 Portugal: The Quiet Life

Portugal is a country that has historically shied away from participating in global wars. 

It belongs to NATO, but its location (on the southernmost Atlantic coast of Europe) and the Portuguese character, given to fraternity, make this country a good destination to escape the chaos.

#03 Denmark: safe country? 

This third place in the ranking is somewhat more debatable if we link security parameters with a possible war that would have its origin in Europe. 

In addition, Denmark belongs to NATO. Although, of course, Greenland is Danish territory and could be a good refuge from a planetary cataclysm.

#02 New Zealand: another refuge for peace 

According to the Global Peace Index, we could also head to New Zealand as a safe place in case of a world war. It is considered the second most "peaceful" country in the world. 

 Of course, it has to do with its geographical location, far from powers such as Russia and the United States, the main players in a possible conflict.

#01 Iceland: the safest  country

According to the Global Peace Index 2021 ranking, Iceland is the country most likely to remain peaceful during a world war.

Because of its geographical location (far north of Europe, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean) and because of its pacifist tradition. It belongs to NATO but does not have its own army (coast guard and police are enough).